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CCNA Security course provides a next step for individuals who want to enhance their CCNA level skill set and help meet the growing demand for network security professionals. The curriculum provides an introduction to the core security concepts and skills needed for the installation, troubleshooting, and monitoring of network devices to maintain the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of data and devices. CCNA Security is a hands-on course with an emphasis on practical experience to help students develop specialized security skills.

Brief Contents

Networking Basics

• Introduction

• Networking Fundamentals

• Networking Media

• Cable Testing

• Cabling LANs and WANs

• Ethernet Fundamentals

• Ethernet Technologies

• Ethernet Switching

• TCP/IP Protocol Suite and IP Addressing

• Routing Fundamentals and Subnets

• TCP/IP Transport and Application Layer

CCNA 2: 

• Routers and Routing Basics


• WANs and Routers

• Introduction to Routers

• Configuring a Router

• Learning about Other Devices

• Managing Cisco IOS Software

• Routing and Routing Protocols

• Distance Vector Routing Protocols

• TCP/IP Suite Error and Control Messages

• Basic Router Troubleshooting

• Intermediate TCP/IP

• Access Control Lists(ACLs)

CCNA 3: 

• Switching Basics and Intermediate Routing


• Introduction to Classless Routing

• Single-Area OSPF


• Switching Concepts

• Switches

• Switch Configuration

• Spanning Tree Protocol

• Virtual LANs

• Virtual Trucking Protocol

CCNA 4: 

• WAN Technologies Frame Relay

• Introduction to Network Administration

• Scaling IP Addresses

• WAN Technologies


• ISDN and DDR

Training Methodology

Lectures & Demos by industry experts • Project Driven Hands-On approach • Focus on latest tools, technologies & industry practices • Projects, assignments & quizzes for student’s evaluation

Course Project

Assign by the Instructor


Certificate of participation by Cisco.


36 Lectures (5 hour a week)

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