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Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing is all about using data to realize marketing objectives. It is the art of using consumer insights to formulate marketing strategies targeted at particular groups of customers online. Digital marketers leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, emails and websites to help their clients connect with existing and potential customers. They then proceed to collect data gathered from these digital channels (such as checking the number of impressions or likes on Instagram) and Google Analytics to plan their marketing strategy. The advantage of using data to sell online is that it allows companies to make calculated marketing decisions. Knowing who to target and where to sell online gives digital marketers the ability to estimate budget spend for a certain set of Return Of Investment (ROI) goals. Whether it’s inbound marketing or digital marketing for clients, common KPIs for digital marketers include increasing brand awareness, lead generations and conversions across different digital marketing channels.

Brief Contents

1. Module 1 Digital Marketing Fundamentals

2. Module 2 Website Planning & Creation

3. Module 3 Search Engine Optimization

4. Module 4 Google Adwords PPC

5. Module 5 Display Advertising

6. Module 6 Lead Generation

7. Module 7 Social Media Marketing

8. Module 8 Mobile Marketing (App Store Optimization)

9. Module 9 Ecommerce Marketing (Building Your First Online Store Business) 

10. Module 10 Make Money with Affiliate Marketing  

11. Module 11 Email Marketing Automation  

12. Module 12 Google Analytics  

13. Module 13 Blogging & Adsense  

14. Module 14 Sales Funnels    

15. Module 15 Freelancing (Get Paying Clients)   

16. Module 16 Online Advertisement Strategy  


Training Methodology

• Lectures, Projects, assignments & quizzes for student’s evaluation

Course Project

• Class demos/presentations in electronic format Source code of the demo project


• Participation certificate by Creative Soft Technology


• Duration: 72 lectures (5 lectures a week) 6 months

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